Sephora Collection Lash Primer: Worth the Hype

Am I the last person on the planet to know about lash primer?? This magical creation lengthens your lashes and helps keep your mascara on longer. I am so in! See how Sephora Collection stacks up against the prestige brands.

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Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer vs. Sephora Collection LashCraft Lash Primer

Similarity Score: 94%

Makeup Guru, Katie, says: Both of these where tested wearing the Kush Milk mascara in shade Boom. One for one these primers wear extremely similar. Neither smudged and at the end of the day, the lashes looked exactly like mascara was just applied. Lashes looked thick and long! The Sephora Collection is a perfect dupe for the Urban Decay Subversion lash primer. Buy Our Pick

Lancome CILs Booster XL Vitamin Infused Mascara Primer vs. Sephora Collection LashCraft Lash Primer

Similarity Score: 88%

Makeup Maven, Katie, says:I used both of these with Climax mascara from NARS. They both applied the same and had the same short dry time, everything about the application with these was the same, even how the lashes looked after the mascara was applied was the same. However, at the end of an 8 hour day, the Lancome did smear on the bottom of my eye while the Sephora collection looked just as perfect as when I first applied. Buy Our Pick

Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer Epic Lash Primer vs. Sephora Collection LashCraft Lash Primer

Similarity Score: 75%

Makeup Maven, Katie, says:Both of these were tested with the Roller Lash mascara. The Marc Jacobs primer is different in a way from most lash primers. The color is a nude peach color while most are white. Up until this point, no other lash primer has beaten the Sephora Collection primer until I tried the Marc Jacobs. It gives you so much volume and length that others just don't. If you are wanting a lash primer that does the job and does it well you will get the bang for your buck with the Sephora Collection. If you want a little extra though, go with Marc Jacobs. Buy Our Pick

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