Bronzer Roundup: Benefit Hoola and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Dupes

We’ve had lots of requests come in for cheaper alternatives to Benefit Hoola bronzer and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil. Kayla comes to the rescue! We review high-end products to their cheaper alternatives to save you time and money. We do not get paid to do these reviews.

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Benefit Hoola Bronzer vs. Sephora Bronzer Powder in Los Cabos

Kayla says: Benefit is $30 for 8 grams & Sephora Collection is $17 for 9 grams. Both are matte & the color is extremely similar. It's really hard to tell the difference between the two. I like the Sephora packaging more than Hoola's as it seems to be more sturdy. Hoola is just cardboard. Both are very easy to blend and last all day on the skin. Sephora Los Cabos is a definite dupe to Benefit's Hoola. Cheaper AND you get more product.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer vs. NYX Matte Bronzer

Kayla says: Too Faced is $30 for 8 grams & NYX is 9.5 grams. Too Faced smells like cocoa and I am personally not a fan of the smell. It dissipates after you put it on your skin, but it's quite potent in the pan. Both brands feel smooth to the touch. Both are matte and considered to be medium is shade. Too Faced has more luxe packaging but I was finding myself fumbling to try to open the packaging when trying to use. NYX is slightly darker than Too Faced and blends a lot better. I noticed my face looked a bit patchy & muddy upon application. Despite the poor performance with Too Faced, both brands did last all day on my skin. For that reason, I would go with NYX over Too Faced. By going with NYX you get $21 in savings, you cannot beat it.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer vs. Sephora Bronzer Powder in Los Cabos

Makeup Maven, Kayla, PREFERRED the Sephora bronzer Too Faced is $30 for 8 grams & Sephora Collection is $17 for 9 grams. Too Faced's packaging feels more luxe than Sephora Collection but it is a bit harder to open. I found myself fumbling around with it to try to get it open. Both have really good mirrors. Too Faced has a smell of cocoa which I wasn't really a fan of. Once on the skin you can't smell it but in the pan it is quite potent. Both are smooth formulas but I found that the Sephora Collection bronzer blended out much easier on my skin & didn't look at all muddy or patchy. Both lasted on my face all day. Sephora Collection is a bit darker than Too Faced. Both are considered 'medium' bronzers with matte finishes. Overall during my week trial of these brands I liked pulling out the Sephora Collection bronzer way more than Too Faced and for the $13 in savings I was very happy with it.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer vs. Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer

Kayla says this is not a dupe, but she argues the pros of both:Benefit is 8 grams for $30 & Physicians Formula is $14.99 for 11 grams. Benefit is a matte bronzer & Physicians Formula has a slight pearlescent glow to it. Both blend out on the skin really well & last all day. Physicians Formula has quite a strong smell, personally I enjoy it. It reminds me of coconuts, tanning lotion & the beach. But it may be too fragrant for some. Physicians Formula is buttery smooth & a cross between a cream product & powder product. This isn't a dupe for Hoola due to the fact that Hoola is matte and the Butter Bronzer has a slight sheen to it. However, if you're looking for a good bronzer for a much cheaper price Butter Bronzer is where it's at!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer vs. Ulta Matte Bronzer

The packaging on both is vastly different. Benefits bronzer comes with a small mirror and application brush. Ulta’s, much like most generic brands, is a no-frills packaging in the shape of a traditional compact. Benefit’s Hoola bronzer has superior pigmentation and with just one swipe can achieve a Kardashian inspired contour. Both products are matte bronzers, easy to apply, and blend well. But Ulta’s bronzer requires multiple applications to achieve the same pigmentation and even after that it still did not reach the same intensity. Therefore, I would recommend sticking with Benefit on this one.

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