March Madness: Lipstick Dupe Edition

Looking for that perfect muted pink lip color to transition from Winter to Spring? Look no further. We’ve tested several and are reporting on some copycats of the high-end looks. Perfect your pout and save some cash. Brandefy finds product dupes to help you save. We are not paid to do these reviews.

Best dupe for Mac Lipstick Matte in Velvet Teddy goes to Milani Lipstick Color Statement Matte in Naked

Makeup Maven, Kalya, says:Milani is $4.49 for 0.14 oz & MAC is $18.50 for 0.1 oz. Both products are very creamy in application. They dry down matte but not overdrawing & very little transfer. Both brands are extremely similar in color. Milani is a smidge lighter but it’s very hard to tell once on your lips. Both lasted a few hours before disappearing off your lips. Milani is a definite dupe for Velvet Teddy. Buy Milani Here

Other dupes making it into the Final Four:

Copycat Beauty Lipstick in GLIP02

Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: CopyCat Beauty is $2.99 & MAC is $18.50. MAC is a bit more smooth in application due to its creamy formula. I feel as though you have to press down on CopyCat Beauty to get color. Once both are on the lips the color looks nearly identical. CopyCat Beauty is more drying than MAC’s formula. When I got Copycat Beauty’s lipstick I noticed some white patchiness on the actual lipstick itself. Perhaps that’s where the wax type feel comes from when you apply the lipstick. Both brands only lasted on my lips for a few hours before disappearing. Application and wear wise, I think MAC is far more comfortable. However, CopyCat Beauty is very identical in color. Buy Copy Cat Here

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick in Classic Beige

Makeup Maven, Kayla, PREFERS Sephora Collection:Sephora is 0.169 oz for $14 & MAC is 0.1 oz for $18.50. Classic Beige is a cream lip stain that dries matte & Velvet Teddy is a matte lipstick. While they are different in formula, the color is quite similar & the end result is quite similar. Classic Beige looks darker when swatched but once on the lips it dries down to an almost exact color match with a slightly darker undertone. Both go on quite creamy with very little transfer once dried. MAC only stayed on my lips for an hour or two before it disappeared while Sephora stayed on much longer. A decent dupe if you like Velvet Teddy’s beige color but didn’t want an actual lipstick. Sephora’s staying power makes this a definite choice over MAC. Buy Sephora Here

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Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Can’t Relate vs. Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink

Makeup Maven, Kayla, says: Maybelline is about $9.49 for 0.24 oz while Jeffree Star is $18 for 0.19 oz. Both are matte formulas. Maybelline has an arrow applicator while JSC has a short doe foot applicator. I enjoyed the arrow applicator more I felt like it was easier to apply and more precise. Maybelline is thicker in consistency and took a while to dry down while JSC was very fast drying. Neither formulas feel dry on my lips. Maybelline had a slightly tacky feeling to it until it dried completely. I did have to dip into the tube twice during application of Maybelline versus only once with the JSC. 20 minutes after application Maybelline had mild transferring to skin while JSC did not have any. Maybelline smells a bit sweet and JSC did not have any smell. Both claim to stay on for hours as well as stay on while drinking & eating. After eating & drinking I noticed that JSC came off my lips while Maybelline did not. My Makeup Eraser removed JSC’s lipstick easily but I had to scrub a bit harder to get Maybelline’s off. Maybelline’s Poet isn't a complete dupe in color for JSC's Can't Relate but they are a bit similar. Can't Relate is a warm nude Poet is a bit more of a pinky nude. I think you get similar & longer lasting results with Maybelline than what you would get from JSC. & for the price difference you really can't beat it. Buy Maybelline Here

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