Glossier Boy Brow Dupes: Ulta Beauty, Sephora, and Essence

Is it worth spending the extra few dollars for the infamous Glossier Boy Brow?

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Glossier Boy Brow Brown vs. Ulta Brow Tint in Medium

Similarity Score: 81%

The packaging and wands are similar on both the name brand and generic. The Ulta brush is shorter than Glossier, but has the same spiral shape. The medium brown tints are an extremely similar shade and delivered excellent hold for brushing up our brows. These items had similar key ingredients, such as beeswax but the Glossier tint had many more ingredients listed than Ulta. Buy Ulta

Glossier Boy Brow vs. Sephora Collection Brow Builder

Similarity Score: 66%

The biggest difference in these is the wand. Glossier has a spiral that allows you to brush the brows in an upward motion- giving even more fullness. Sephora is a soft tipped wand, similar to what you find on most lip glosses. This meant less control of brushing. Sephora's formula has more grey in it, which we like if you're going for an overall mauve look (maybe with a matte lip?). It held almost all day but gave out before Glossier. Considering Sephora is only $2 less than Glossier, we'd pay up for the Boy Brow. Buy Glossier

Glossier Boy Brow Brown vs. Essence Make Me Brow

Similarity Score: 54%
Our makeup captain says: Essence is $2.99 for 3.68g & Glossier is $16 for 3.12g. I was not a fan of the Essence gel. Very few shade options. The brown shade was a lot lighter than most brown shades I have purchased from other brands. The brush is pretty short and makes the gel clump in your brows so it makes it dry down weird. Glossier is more expensive and less accessible to get but the formula is much better than the Essence brand. Glossier grabs onto your hairs & makes sparse eyebrows look full. Easy to work with and the brush is slightly longer & more precise. Glossier does take a bit to dry down so it feels a bit tacky for a few minutes once it does dry it's very soft. Stays in place all day even in the rain. I'm going with Glossier on this one. Buy Glossier

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