Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette vs. Crown OMG Palette

Our makeup maven, Kayla, is back! She’s talking about a hot palette right now and how you can save some major cash! Brandefy and our testers are not sponsored by anyone. We do these reviews for you.

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See what Kayla has to say here:

Jaclyn Hill is all over social media right now. She has several different collaborations with a company called Morphe. She is all over YouTube & Instagram. The fan favorite is definitely her original palette, Jaclyn Hill palette. With 35 eyeshadows for $38 it’s really not a bad price and the quality is definitely there. 

However, rumor in the beauty community is that Morphe private labels their products with a company called Crown Brushes. So, we think Crown might make the products & Morphe pays Crown to put their name on the products or, in this case, Jaclyn Hill’s name. The price goes up because Morphe now has to pay Crown & Jaclyn. Now, I cannot confirm if this is actually true there are quite a few YouTube videos on this topic. It's quite the interesting topic especially when comparing generics. This happens more often then not. Sometimes you just pay for the name. 

We decided to cut out the middle man. I compared Jaclyn Hill’s palette with Crown Brushes “OMG” eyeshadow palette & you may be surprised what we found out. Morphe describes Jaclyn’s palette as “35 OMG eyeshadows that were created by Jaclyn to deliver not only the best color payoff but also amazing application.” Coincidence that the Crown Brushes palette is called OMG palette? I don’t think so. Putting the palettes side by side you’d almost think they were the same palette minus the obvious differences; Crown has a mirror and Jaclyn’s does not & Crown does have a holographic inside while Jaclyn’s is matte gray. Jaclyn’s palette does have all of the shade names on the back of the palette, Crown does not.

Each palette has 35 colors & while the colors look almost identical side by side, there were a few that were not a complete dupe for the Jaclyn palette. Upon using I noticed that Cranapple, Chip & Central Park in the Jaclyn Hill palette were the most different. In the Jaclyn palette, Cranapple (my favorite shade!) was more red & vibrant while the Crown version was darker with more of a brown undertone. Chip & Central Park were much more warm toned in Jacyln’s versus them being cool toned in the Crown palette. Same with Twerk a bit darker in the Crown palette compared to the other. These differences were not that big.

The formula of the Jaclyn Hill palette is what a lot of people talk about so I was interested to see if the Crown Brush palette lived up to the infamous JH formula. & honestly, it does. The shades were super easy to work with & blended out effortlessly. Both palettes had a buttery type feel to all the shades. I actually think the Crown was easier to work with, you do not need much product on your brush. I was noticing that I was going back into the pans of the Jaclyn Hill palette more often than the Crown. Both palettes are great for a beginner or a makeup enthusiast. I think the Crown Brush “OMG” palette is a great dupe for the Jaclyn Hill palette. You will be getting something that performs just like the Jaclyn Hill palette but $23 cheaper. You can’t go wrong with that!

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