Self Care Sunday With CVS Scores

Brandefy is hard at work launching in other store categories outside of Health & Beauty, but after a long week with many accomplishments, our team decided a self-care Sunday was in order. We picked up some products from CVS, and got down to business... the business of relaxation.

One of the best dupes we found is the beauty 360 version of Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer.  These lotions work best on wet skin and are light-weight.  Both have nice scents, but Jergens is more floral while CVS' beauty 360 Showered Skin Moisturizing Lotion is more of a fresh powder scent.  The smell is the only apparent difference, and the beauty 360 lotion scored a 90% overall similarity score.

After a week of little sleep (but a little more vino), we decided mini facials were in line.  We're loving sheet masks right now, and CVS has a selection of masks for various ailments (dry skin, dull skin, clogged pores, etc.).  We went with the Hydrating Deep Moisture Tissue Facial Mask and tested it against the Simple Hydrating Sheet Mask.  These masks are fairly different (60% similarity score) for a few reasons.  First, the beauty 360 mask has a backer, so it is easy to peel and apply.  The Simple mask has no backer applied, so we had to dig out the balled up sheet from the bottom of the package.  When we finally got it smoothed out and ready to apply, we found that the name brand mask is slimy.  We truly tested side-by-side and put each mask on half our faces.  They both felt relaxing and left our skin dewey and refreshed.  We would choose the beauty 360 mask OVER the Simple Hydrating Sheet Mask.

In efforts to de-puff those raccoon eyes, we tried the CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream against the CVS Health Skin Renewal Night Cream.  Both creams are highly moisturizing and we feel they are effective on plumping and calming.  The only difference was the CeraVe cream is slightly silkier than the beauty 360.  Both have thick, creamy textures.  We gave this pair a similarity score of 85%.

We're feeling relaxed and refreshed over here!  Bring on a new week!



Who else is loving sheet masks right now?!

Who else is loving sheet masks right now?!

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