Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic vs. Well at Walgreens Fresh Mint Mouth Rinse

You won't be upset with the generic on this one!  We think the Walgreens version of Listerine's original mouthwash is a great dupe.  They have nearly the same active ingredients, and very close inactive ingredients.  We felt both left our mouths feeling intensely clean.

Safe to switch!

Safe to switch!

Brandefy compares off brands (i.e., Well at Walgreens) to name brands (i.e., Listerine) to reveal when the generic is as good as the name brand, and to warn you when it is not. Our purpose is to help you save time and money, and to have a good time while doing it.

You asked, we answered.  Brandefy users have asked for Walgreens product testing.  Wouldn't you know- we love product testing from ALL stores! We are big fans of a midday mouthwash to keep the bad breath germs away.  

We initially tested for smell, and both rinses smelled the same.  As you can see, their color is nearly identical.  We felt they tasted the same, and both left everyone with equally fresh breath.  Upon comparing ingredient panels, we found they had nearly identical active ingredients.  The inactive ingredients were very similar, but the Walgreens wash had an additional active ingredient.

We will be making the switch to Well at Walgreens to save our wallets and our breath.  

Carolyn KochardComment