BECCA Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter vs. Wet & Wild MegaGlow Highlighting Powder

Welcome to the Brandefy family, Kayla! Kayla is a makeup enthusiast who is on all of the forums, and keeps records of product dupes so she can save! She reviewed Becca Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter against Wet & Wild MegaGlow Highlighter. See her findings below!

This is the closet dupe I have found to Champagne Pop & at $4.99 versus Becca at $38 I think it's totally worth it! These are very similar in their color, vibrancy & formula.

Champagne Pop is a bit more pigmented while Gold Flower Crown is a bit more sheer, but buildable. So you can get it to look as pigmented as CP with a little bit of work. They are both a bit creamy in texture & blend wonderfully on the skin.

I wore CP on one side & GFC on the other & couldn't really tell the difference. No one mentioned that they looked different through out my work day. I think once on the face they look identical while a side by side swatch comparison you will be able to see some subtle differences. CP seems to have a bit more of a peachy undertone.

At the end of my work day (12 hours) both sides still looked great. Wear time is about the same. Buy Wet & Wild Here

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