Neutrogena Rapid Clear Cleanser vs. equate beauty Express Clear Cleanser

These are NOT the same.  Sometimes stores will do this on their shelves- they have the store brand dupe, the packaging looks similar, and it is mimicking the brand.  The problem is, it is mimicking a slightly different product by the name brand.  If you are not careful, you could end up with a completely different formula.  This equate beauty cleanser is not what we were going for, and even if it was, it smells terrible.  

Do not be fooled- these are not the same!

Do not be fooled- these are not the same!

Brandefy compares store brands (e.g., Equate) to name brands (e.g., Neutrogena) to show you when the generic is as good as the name brand, and to warn you when it is not. We work towards one goal: to help you save time and money, and to have a good time while doing it.

This happens all too often- name brands like Neutrogena make many variations of a product.  In this case, they make many different types of acne cleansers.  The store brands will not dupe all of them, so they will pick a few to mimic.  They make the packaging look like it could match 2-3 Neutrogena acne cleansers, even though it is specifically copying one.  Then, they group them together on the shelves.  You may grab the generic thinking it is going to be just like your favorite "Oil-Eliminating Foaming Cleanser."  This is not the case.  Equate is actually trying to copy the "Stubborn Acne Cleanser."  Very tricky.  While we normally would just go get the correct copy cat, we decided to post this to show you how you could make this common error if you do not shop informed.

So, let's compare these two for the sake of, well, Brandefy's love of sensory testing.  The packaging checks out (hence our mistake in the store).  When you first dispense them, you will find they are similar in color and appear to be similar in consistency.  However, when you rub them in, you will find that equate's version is lumpier and not as creamy as Neutrogena.  The equate cleanser's smell was very off-putting.  It smelled like chemicals- yuck!  The ingredient panels was very different, so you will not be getting what you expect if you are used to the Neutrogena cleanser.  Simply put, we think you should NOT buy the equate Express Clear Complexion Facial Cleanser.

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