Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes vs. Target's up & up & CVS's Beauty 360

Both the CVS Version (Beauty 360) and Target Version (up and up) got an 80% SIMILARITY SCORE.  This means that we couldn't distinguish the CVS version from the up & up version and they both are fairly similar to the name brand. The one call-out consumers noted is that they smell ever so slightly different. 

beauty 360 makeup wipes up & up
  • Ingredients:                   5/10     POOR MATCH 
  • Smell:                             6/10     MODERATE MATCH
  • Feel while using:            8/10     GOOD MATCH
  • Packaging:                     8/10     GOOD MATCH
  • After-feel                       9/10     GOOD MATCH
  • OVERALL:                     82% MATCH - GOOD MATCH

(FYI: Brandefy rates store brands(i.e. CVS Beauty 360, Target up & up) versus name brands (i.e. Neutrogena) so we can tell you when there are as good and when they are not. We do this through ingredient analysis and consumer sensory testing.)