Kirkland Signature Facial Towelettes vs Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes

kirkland make up remover wipes

We're makeup remover junkies, but our golden child Costco has let us down - we'd skip these Kirkland Signature Towelettes. 

The Kirkland Signature doesn't claim to compare to Neutrogena Night Calming wipes, so take this comparison with a grain of salt. That being said, we weren't huge fans of the product overall. They got an overall similarity score of 60%, and were dinged based on smell and the feel of the cloth.

As one consumer said, they smell "like baby wipes, are harder to open, and they dry out faster than the Neutrogena." The cloth on the Kirkland Signature is purposefully bumpy. Surprisingly, they did feel similar on the face after using.

(FYI: Brandefy rates store brands (i.e. Kirkland Signature) versus name brands (i.e. Neutrogena) so we can tell you when there are as good and when they are not. We do this through ingredient analysis and consumer sensory testing.)