Neutrogena Oil Free Cleansing Wipes (Pink Grapefruit) vs. Up&Up


We received several requests (you can request a review here!) to check out the store brand versions of Neutrogena’s Oil Free Cleansing Face Wipes, and we’re happy to oblige today. We grabbed the Pink Grapefruit versions of the name brand as well as the Target Up&Up brand copycat, and put them to the test.                                                                                   

The packaging for the two is nearly indistinguishable outside of the brands written on the packaging. Both are featured in a grapefruit colored pink plastic wrapper, and the individual wipes are taken from a flap on the front of the package.

Interestingly, Neutrogena is labelled as a “cosmetic”, while the Up&Up version is labelled as a “drug.” (We won’t dive deep into the differences between drug and cosmetic labeling in this post, but you can read about them here if you’d like: ) For our purposes, the “drug” is required to list its active ingredients by percentage volume, while the cosmetic version is not.  So while we know from the ingredient panels that both contain Salycilic Acid, we only know the volume for the Up&Up version (2%). While both feature Salycilic Acid for its acne fighting qualities, the overall chemical formulations had a number of differences:

The ingredient panel for the two products: ingredients contained in both are highlighted.

The ingredient panel for the two products: ingredients contained in both are highlighted.


Our consumer testers noticed the first major difference between the products in the smell. The Neutrogena version had more of a grapefruit fragrance to it, while the Up&Up version was described as more “alcoholy”.

The consistency of the wipes was quite similar, although there appeared to be a bit more solution on the Up&Up version making it feel a bit wetter.

One consumer noted that the Neutrogena left a bit of a sticky residue, but overall the two products scored highly in terms of their after feel and residue.

Overall, the Up&Up version had a similarity score of 74%, making it a moderately similar duplicate.  If you can handle the rougher smell of the Up&Up, it can be an okay bargain product, but we feel the name brand is superior in this case.