Coppertone Tanning Dry Oil vs. Equate SPF 10

Coppertone Tanning Dry Oil vs. Equate SPF 10 SIMILARITY SCORE:    (POOR MATCH) We suggest sticking with the name brand in this case, unless you are cool with an overwhelming smell of alcohol when you spray. (P.S. This low of an SPF is not recommended.) 

Equate Spray Tanning

These products have similar ingredient panels (active ingredients are 100% the same), but very inactives aren't a 100% match. Consumers stated that main difference is the overwhelming smell on the Equate brand - and not in a good way. In addition, the spray radius is super wide.

Our sensory panel and ingredient analysis analyzed the sprays relative to each other, which resulted in the following similarity scores:

  • Active Ingredients:         10/10    GOOD MATCH
  • Inactive Ingredients:       8/10     GOOD MATCH
  • Smell:                              2/10     POOR MATCH
  • Consistency:                   8/10     GOOD MATCH
  • Packaging:                      5/10     POOR MATCH
  • Color:                              8/10     GOOD MATCH  
  • After-feel                        8/10     GOOD MATCH
  • OVERALL:                      55% MATCH - POOR MATCH

(FYI: Brandefy rates store brands(i.e. Equate) versus name brands (i.e. Coppertone) so we can tell you when there are as good and when they are not. We do this through ingredient analysis and consumer sensory testing.)

Meg GreenhalghComment