Coppertone Ultra Guard Sunscreen SPF 50 vs. CVS Health Ultra Protection

All the consumer knowledge about sunscreens can’t help you if you forget to apply said sunscreen. I learned this the hard way this weekend, paying for my absentmindedness with a miserable sunburn.

While we can’t help you if you forget your sunscreen when you head to the pool, we can help make sure that you aren’t overpaying for a name brand when the store brand is virtually identical.

That’s the case with the products we are taking a look at today:

The similarities don’t stop with the packaging with these products. The ingredients contained in the products were identical, including identical proportions of the active ingredients. Our consumer respondents indicated that they felt the products were extremely similar as well, noting only small differences in the consistency (the CVS version was thicker) and the after residue (the Coppertone version was a little oilier).

This is another store brand product that we can recommend.

Overall Similarity Score: 94.2

Nic StockdaleComment