CeraVe vs. Equate Sunscreen Face Lotion #AskTracey

With summer here, and pool/beach season in full swing, we wanted to check out some sunscreens. We noticed that Equate had a dupe of a CeraVe Face Lotion Sunscreen with a significant price difference. Our initial research took us to Facebook, but we decided not to rely on Tracey’s opinion.

Unfortunately, it looks like Tracey’s analysis just isn’t going to cut it. An initial screen of the ingredient panels showed that the products were very similar, but not identical in composition. The two were identical in composition and proportion for the critical active ingredients.

Both lotions were virtually indistinguishable in terms of appearance and smell, as well as feel on the skin. Overall, while the products are not chemically identical, they are extremely similar. This is a quality store brand product, and we think it’s worth saving the money. #SorryTracey

Overall Similarity Score:  97