Don't Buy: CVS Version of Skintimate Shave Gel

Comparing the store brand and the name brand can be fun! Except when the store brand is nothing like the brand and you've spent your money on it. While the packaging does a good job of imitating the real thing, the product does not. It doesn't foam at all, so you don't get the same level of protection or visibility to where you've shaved. So don't opt for the CVS version of Skintimate - you might as well be shaving with your Shampoo! (Which, by the way is a great way to save money if you're careful with your razor!)

NOTE: Brandefy doesn't receive any compensation the companies of products we review (or anyone for that matter!). We're just trying to create transparency to let you know when the store brand is as good as the name brand -- to save you money where we can!) 

CVS version Skintimate doesn't foam